Wild West Night

 Split-rail fencing creates the circumference of the corral, with hay bales accented with hobbyhorse heads on a stick, creating the look of a horse corral. Guests can move freely about the area and use the bales for seating.

SWEET SUE’S HOTEL- The “working girls” of the town relax on the porch in rocking chairs on the hotel steps. Decked out in pantaloons and petticoats, the ladies of the night gently wave their fans and invite the locals over for a refreshing brew. A split rail fence completes this vignette. This photo opportunity station will be available to have your picture taken with “the girls.”

BILLY BOB’S OUTBACK TACK HUT- A beat up old hut strewn with horseshoes, saddles, hay bales and a spittoon set the scene for “ Billy Bob” relaxing on his cot, under mosquito netting with his lantern burning outside the old tack shop.

WESTERN THEMED CENTERPIECES – Cowboy boots, red & white checked linens, cowboy hats and lanterns. Custom balloon accents can further complement the theme. We will create a look to carry your theme to the buffet tables and guest tabletops.