Romancing the Stone

 Danger lurks where snakes and birds of prey are the least of your worries.....Big Al is not a casino in Florida....legend has it a twelve foot terror can fell any prey with one swift chomp.

Tropical Foliage abounds at the entrance and perimeter with an abundance of low mossy plants, 6’-8’ areca palms, greenery, foliage, natural moss and dried out birch branch trees with amber uplighting and a low mist of fog. Sound effects of swamp like noises will engulf your guests as they enter over a wooden bridge with rope railings spanning a swampy pond.

Large swamp shacks made of bamboo and thatched straw roofs will be used as decorative props for beverage stations. Natural wooden directional signs will placed throughout the area. The Survivor Outpost is sourrounded by crates and traps hidden amidst swamp grass and hanging moss. Only the daring need approach as the remains of explorers past are evident around the quicksand pit.