Caribbean Getaway

Giant tropical birds, lush tropical foliage and softly glowing torches welcome everyone to a Caribbean Getaway.  The sounds of an island guitarist or reggae band invites guests to let go a bit, relax, sip a cool tropical beverage and join in the excitement of Crab and Goldfish Races!

Authentic tiki bars, giant handpainted shells, colorful fish, soft uplighting and a rolling beach scene back drop complement the theme. Tabletops pop with bright neon linens and colorful tropical centerpieces. 

• Tiki Huts with Thatched Roof
• Tropical Foliage
• Hand Painted Shells & Fish 

• Tiki Torches
• Crab Traps, Cargo Crates, Nets & Pilings
• Neon Shells and Corals
• Beach Scene Backdrop with Uplights
• Crab and Goldfish Races
• Specialty Linens & Custom Centerpieces