Blast From the Past

Authentic 50's memorabilia, oversized props and rock 'n roll entertainment will take your guests back in time to the era of bobby socks and bubble gum.  Clusters of balloons will fill the perimeter of the area accented by the Soda Shoppe, Drive-In movie and Tattoo Parlor vignettes.

Placed among the balloons will be 50's and music paraphernalia, such as cut outs of rock 'n roll personalities and oversized musical instruments.  Brick wall facades with 4' records, a neon Rock 'n Roll sign, Graffiti mural, and other themed props with theatrical up-lighting will enhance the area.

Parked outside the Tatoo Parlor will be a 1950's motorcycle replica.  Our costumed attendant applies removable tattoos to those who dare to be different.

Custom centerpieces, to complement the theme, become playful keepsakes for your guests by the end of the evening.