Programs in Development - 2013-2014

QR Code Hunt

Players can team up with other players during this fun, high tech hunt. QR Codes will be strategically placed around a designated area that can be scanned with any cell phone that is equipped to read the codes. Each code will guide the teams participating to a web based clue to get to their next destination.  

Laces of Love

This local movement pairs kids with shoes in impoverished communities and schools. Teams will enjoy an afternoon of games with a “sole-ful” theme, then reap the rewards of the “soul” as we reveal the boxes of shoes to be donated and pair them up with deserving beneficiaries.

Solar Scientists

Harness the energy of the sun in a variety of challenges where teams build working models activated by solar cells and light sources. Then put them to the test in a head-to-head competition to earn the “Thomas Edison Inventors” award.

Turtle Travelers

(Seasonal Program Only) Take part in a Florida tradition. Groups will join area naturalists for nighttime turtle talks and vigilance walks during nesting and hatching season. Should you be lucky enough to witness an emerging nest of tiny loggerhead turtles, you will participate in guiding their safe travel to the Gulf of Mexico.