Margaritaville Challenge

The town of Margaritaville is facing an economic crisis. There is a shortage of Tequila in the world. The famed “Worm” has become extinct, and cannot be duplicated, thus the worlds’ supply of Tequila will be gone very soon. Because of this dreadful situation, people will go elsewhere on vacation, cats and dogs will live in harmony, and everything that Margaritaville is known for will be gone. With tequila prices going sky-high, Margaritaville bar owners have had to close up shop.

Something must be done right away. New bars are needed, new drinks not containing tequila must be created, and the world must know that Margaritaville is not dead. So if your group has what it takes to bring new energy and taste to this town, accept the “Margaritaville Challenge.”