Remote Control Races


Ladies and Gentlemen… Start your engines!

As the green flag drops, our super turbo boost automobiles will show you the meaning of off-road racing. They’re able to take curves at high speeds and maneuver on all terrains. Each guest will have the opportunity to man the wheel of our high-speed remote control cars as they cruise through our skillfully designed racetrack.

Individuals or teams will progress by heats in this Grand Prix Rally as they compete against each other and the clock. Each team will be assigned a vehicle and race number. Races will be conducted in heats, pre-determined by an official tournament format. The times for each team, in every heat, will be recorded. All teams will be scored against each other to determine the final winners!


Captains and mates assemble for this stately challenge.

We’ll pit crew against crew in our remote control boat regatta. The pool and deck set the scene for our skilled competitors. Decorated with nautical flagging, bait traps, and bi-level pilings, the event area will enhance the mood of the party and get your guests motivated to hit the high seas!

Competition can be structured for individual racing or teams can be formed to create a challenging tournament. Our staff, dressed in nautical attire, will facilitate the races. Speedboats are the vessel of choice and prizes will be awarded in several categories.