Our staff provides top quality children's recreation events that are unparalleled in the industry. While other firms offer children's programs because they have to...we offer them because WE LOVE TO! 

Quality children's events require tender loving care and knowledge of children's needs and capabilities.  Our staff of recreation leaders are trained professionals with years of experience providing recreation activities for children of all ages.  They are chosen for their enthusiasm, flexibility, creativity and supervisory skills. Most have First Aid, Lifesaving and CPR training, ensuring fun in a safe environment. All are thoroughly dedicated to providing the "best-ever experience" for your kids.

Our programs provide exciting opportunities and creative outlets for young minds and active bodies. Age appropriate activities are tailor-made for each event.


Jungle Book Fun: Ages 3 - 5 Years 
Kids recreate the adventures of Mogli with jungle themed games such as King Louie's Banana Bash, Shirkan's Suprise Tail Tag, and Baloo's Balloon Burst. Creating animal faces with face paints is a sure way to get the kids laughing. We bring the jungle to life by impersonating animals with noises, games and songs.

Pirate Escapades: Ages 6 - 12 Years 
Ahoy mates, thar's treasure to be found! After getting decked out in pirate hats and eye patches, your trekking abilities will be put to the test.  Kids will decipher clues and ponder riddles that lead to buried treasure! Rumor has 'tis filled to the bring with gold, gems, doubloons, and treasures beyond the imagination. Lots of swashbuckling adventures are planned such as Peg Leg Relay, Capture the Flag, and Man Overboard. All bantam buccaneers will design and create a keepsake treasure chest to store all their newfound treasures.

MTV Video Productions: Ages 13 and Up

We provide the props, lighting, makeup and costumes; teens will chose roles as their favorite Singers, Dancers, or Rock Stars. They will choose the music video that they would like to imitate and we will do all the taping. When the program is done, we will all enjoy watching the music videos that were just created.